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HeatherFeather's World

7 June 1980
Hey there! I'm Heather, a 29 30 year old gal from Indiana. I've lived within the same area all of my life. I got divorced in 2008 after being together a total of ten years and last year I ventured on a new journey by purchasing my own home, starting a new job, and entering into a new relationship. I have no children except for my fur-babies, an English Bulldog named Winston and a Boxer named Mia. I work as an Investigator for Child Services and I see and deal with a lot of crazy stuff. I also have worked a lot in foster care. I also waitress at a small diner every Sunday.

I recently became engaged to be married to Andy, age 37. We have been together since June 2008. We are getting married in Hawaii on 6/18/2011. He has three daughters (13, 11, 6) that visit with us as often as possible. He works 3pm to midnight so it's hard to see each other sometimes :(

I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Human Development. Effective Aug 2010 I will also be pursuing a Master's in Applied Behavioral Analysis with a concentration in Autism. Busy busy!

In my journal you'll read about my dreams (literally and figuratively), daily events in my life, the books I read, my workouts and running, things with my family, work issues, and most recently WEDDING PLANNING. If you're interested in learning more, drop me a comment and add me! :)